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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Graveyard After Graveyard

So the weekend comes to an end and I find myself listening to even more extreme metal. With a potent mix of speed, thrash and black metal, Graveyard After Graveyard have managed to craft for themselves a song that is utterly blasphemous and delicious in the primal brutality it evokes. Songs like Giant of the Undead feature colossal chugs, making their new EO Hellhound On My Trail wholly worth it. See, there is something delicious and epic about Graveyard After Graveyard that kind of speaks to their ability to evoke some of the more primal and beautiful darkness of heavy metal. These guys have the sort of black metal ferocity that made me fall in love with genre, but there is also a gritty thrash metal sensibility that makes these tracks really tasty. Run it through a death metal filter and you get a sense for what this band is all about, crushing riffs, terrifying vocals, and a hatred for mankind that is simply delicious.

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