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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Moonspell - Extinct

I'll admit, when I saw that Extinct is Moonspells eleventh (!!!) studio album I did a double take. I knew these guys were big, had been around for a while, and pretty damn good, but I didn't know it was to this degree. Yet, that being said, Moonspell remain one of the most exciting and fresh metal bands on the planet, their power metal tinged take on the genre is as always epic and touching, the vocals powerful and guitar riffs tight. Moonspell have done it again with Extinct proving their places as metal gods. 

Moonspell have always had the ability to take you on a journey, yet I feel that Extinct sees the taking this to another level. With the strange closer, La Baphomette, you feel able to once again take part in the real world. Despite the strange unreality of the dark metal soundscapes that Moonspell dwell in there is something rather familiar about their music. When you fall back into it it just feels right, like you've come back to a place where you first came from. These guys capture the imagination and force you to take a look around and think about the bigotry and darkness that dominates our daily lives. they are a force of freedom in a fucked up world, and perhaps that above all is what makes Extinct so God damn enjoyable.

At the end of the day perhaps I'm most grateful to Extinct for how it reminded me of the glory of Moonspell. These songs just feel... right as if this is the music that Moonspell was meant to be making for this particular time and place. Instead of becoming dull and formulaic as they very well could (And arguable deserve) Moonspell have put together another gem, and it's one you won't soon forget. As is, this record may very well end up on a lot of end of year lists, it certainly is taking an early run for mine!

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