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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Tellus Terror - EZ Life DV8

Every once in a while I manage to tear myself away from Luke Bryan and listen to some good old death metal. It's rare though that I find a band who deal with such grand concepts as Tellus Terror. A band who craft extreme music that has a sense of grace to it their new record EZ Life DV8 is a telling step forward for the band, seeing them crafting artful and oftentimes proggy pieces that inspire the imagination. Death metal that dares the genre to reach a new level, Tellus Terror are on the brink of something exciting.

There are a lot of fascinating layers on EZ Life DV8 that really get you thinking. The way the synths are brought in to pad out the mix, and the way in which the more melodic lines slot in nicely under oppressive assaults from the rhythm guitars is magical. It makes you realize the depth of the travail that went into this music. Playing what they call Mixed Metal Styles Tellus Terror have been able to conceive a sound that is distinctly their own, wholly fascinating and seemingly destined to keep music dorks like myself contented for many a spin. This is a band who fully embrace the farthest reaches of death metal and give you the power to face a brave new day.

As they rapidly rise to the top of the Brazilian metal heap I get the sense that Tellus Terror are only going to become more intimidating and immaculate. There is a sense of artistic perfection that permeates this record and almost compensates for its 57 minute run time. Sure, these songs are all solid, but after a while, I will admit it gets old. Nevertheless, if you want a glimpse at the future of death metal. With nearly a hundred thousand facebook fans and a very professional approach to the business side of things, these guys seem destined to go far. 

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