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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Acid Buffalo

Freaked out psych rock from a band who seem destined to fuck up minds across the globe Acid Buffalo are turned on to a much hazier sense of reality than the one that most of us abide by. Instead of traditional rhythms and clear riffs its easy to get lost in the waves of wah pedal madness and flashy improvised pentatonic solos. Acid Buffalo are a trip to listen too and as you fall into their sound you find yourself journeying down a sort of surreal dead end path a way forward can be found through the murk, but it requires a dedicated listener, one who loves the psychedelic madness of this band. With whiny vocals and a wonderfully improvised feel, Acid Buffalo feel very organic. It's easy to trace their lineage from bands like Black Sabbath or even Electric Wizard. Acid Buffalo are wholly fascinating and the two tracks they have online are both fun to listen too, they leave me begging for more. With a full length I think that Acid Buffalo will be able to put together the kid of sonic journey that their music deserves.

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