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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Ramlord - S/T

I've said it before and I'll say it again, Black Birch are putting out some incredible 7 inches these days. This new record from Ramlord is the sort of American black metal that captures the punky nature that seems to define so much of the Northeasts scene. Sure there are esoteric moments, but the blasts and screeches coming at you from all directions, and from multiple vocalists is charming, speaking the staying power of Ramlord, a band who seem destined to go beyond the strange world they exist in now.

The crushing sense of hate that dominates songs like The Fog Of Neglect is what has always made Ramlord special for me. The buzzing black and white soundscapes they create that oftentimes feel strangely vertical, are frankly, magic. The thing is, though Ramlord are largely basement dwellers these pieces hint at something far greater. The bands discography is only growing and the sound palate that they indulge in is fascinating to me. This self titled seven inch sees them emphasizing the sense of horror that comes from within. Heavy music is meant to be a little bit scary, and with this Ramlord melt your flesh.

It's easy to dismiss Ramlord as just another seven inch from a band who, according to Encylopaedia Metallum appear on no fewer than 8 releases. Yet this first record of 2015 from a band who have always had a wonderfully twisted awareness of their own mortality is fascinating to me. It hints at great things to come and suggests that any sort of full length they get at could be epic. If they can accomplish this much in a mere two songs, imagine the spectral landscapes they could create with seven or eight!

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