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Thursday, March 12, 2015


Fun fact: Sometimes I decide to review a band just because their cover art is badass. Such is the case with Veld, a throat slashing death metal band who use chunky riffs and gloriously heavy vocals to rend listeners in half. This is the kind of skull cracking death metal that inspires the young to march to war and leaves you lying in a bloody heap. Veld get what it means to get heavy and when they bring the cosmic brutality there is no escape from the glorious evil found deep within their sound. Now, I'm not too familiar with the scene out in Belarus, but if they are able to produce such a wonderfully polished and entrancing band, then things should be pretty damn exciting. With a clear sense of bombast perhaps accentuated by the touches of black metal in the Veld sound we see the band driving towards something triumphant. This is Eastern European death metal at its best and it will leave you bleeding on the floor.

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