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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Darkhaus - Providence

There is something wonderfully bombastic and frankly kind of charming about Darkhaus that I don't think I ever fully realized before listening to Providence it's as if Darkhaus have managed to turn themselves onto something greater, something that is actually kind of majestic. The songs on their new Providence EP are a marked step forward for the band. Songs that are dramatic and fun, they manage to capture the progressive vibes that make this band interesting as well as their sense of theater. In other words, Darkhaus are finally finding themselves

The thing is, the new material on this record is truly exciting, and to be completely honest, I had never though Darkhaus would really inspire me, yet with Providence they have. After their first record the band as been able to come together and create something that is not only more honest but also a lot more creative. You can tell this was an album written on tour because the guys in Darkhaus sound a lot tighter and more inspired. As you sink into the creative passion that defines Providence it's hard not to fall in love with the band. They are fusing things we all love, and they come across as incredibly tight, even in a live setting.

As I drift off to sleep I try to compose myself for a few final comments on this frankly stunning EP. Darkhaus are breaking the rules and crafting their own brave new world. There is something exciting about Providence, it hints at a proud future for an inspiring band, and it's good enough that I'll probably go back and check out the bands debut. Darkhaus have found a truly exciting sound that, while logical, and faintly familiar hasn't really been done before, a formula for success that will get fans hopping on the bandwagon for years to come!

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