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Friday, March 6, 2015

Heidevolk - Velua

Heidevolk have always fascinated me. The bands epic chants and powerful guitars inspire vision of fjords and travels in the north. There is a very profound atavistic beauty to their music, free of aggression but instead beautiful and heart rending. I've been fascinated with Batavi for years and always meant to get deeper into the bands discography. It seems that Velua has given me the chance to explore the bands sound a bit more, and all I can say is that not only are these guys geniuses, but they just might be able to bring back viking metal.

The bombastic sound that Heidevolk flaunt is remarkable because it never feels silly or over the top. Instead as Heidevolk guide you forth with chants of times forgot they take you on a journey, allowing the listener to experience the power of the true north along side them as you ride the storm. Compositionally this is perhaps Heidevolks strongest yet with wonderfully executed atmospherics and touches of synths, and violins, padding out the sound to keep things fresh alongside some of their juiciest riffs yet. For a band who rely primarily on chants Heidevolk is remarkably emotional. Velua can make you cry, pump your fist, or even charge into battle, there is a lot to digest in these 13 tracks.

Stunningly beautiful and finely crafted Velua, like every Heidevolk record before it, is something of a masterwork. It will guide you down a path of death and glory and allow you to feel the might of the old men of the north running through you. There is something transcendent about Heidevolk that speaks to the greater human condition, Velua sees the band reaching out and giving us a glimpse at who we truly are. Let the majestic sounds of this record wash over you and perhaps you can find your true self.

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  1. Awesome review.
    Keep in mind though, that the old warriors and people they sing about could've never seen an ocean before, let alone fjords.... They sing about the people that lived in the east of the Netherlands, in Gelderland.... But furthermore you are completely right... Heidevolk, Velua, can make you emotional in different ways...