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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Mentally Defiled - Aptitude for Elimination

Mentally Defiled are a thrash band if there ever was one. With calssic art depicting zombie thrashers, songs that deal directly with thrash metal, and riffs that will tear your friggin' head off, Mentally Defiled know what it takes to bring the thrash into the twenty first century. Very much in the Municipal Waste vein of things, these are guys who want you to straitjacket mosh to your death. A band seemingly meant for the pit Mentally Defiled never let up and with Aptitude For Elimination prove their steel.

What's fun about these guys is that while they adhere to all the genres tropes there is a sense of modern day virility that gives the entire thing energy. There is no way a record like this could have come out in 1985, if only because the production is too tight and the solos too polished, yet that is part of what gives the band such a distinct sound. Within the angular riffing and precise solos we get moments of utter freedom, pure chaos enveloping your ears, not as Slayer did, but as Mentally Defiled did. As you make your way through the magic of Aptitude For Elimination it's hard not to feel that you're watching a controlled explosion.

Energetic to a fault and even a little bit artsy at times, Mentally Defiled are an exciting act. They've got that Exodus-Attack, but there is something more behind the scenes. A distinctly modern flavor that makes this the thrash metal band for this time and place. So get into the grooves and let the blasts ring in your heart. Mentally Defiled are going to kick your fucking ass and there is no escape from it. Sure there's a fuckton of thrash bands out in Europe right now, and yes, they all rock, but what's stopping another one from joining the party and getting down and dirty in the pit. Come on and join the toxic waltz.

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