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Monday, March 23, 2015

Fortid - 9

So I saw Enslaved last night, suffice to say my expectations for black metal at this point in time are pretty goddamn high. I am happy to report though that with their new record 9 Fortid have been ale to put together something that starts to touch on Enslaved's might with an esoteric and highly intellectualized little gem that speaks to the eternal magic of black metal. Featuring some stellar production and poignant grooves, Fortid manage to speak to the heart with these songs of innocence and experience.

While a touch atavistic, the sense of tradition that dominates this record is not alienating. From the first there are lush soundscapes that one can easily fall in to. Fortid speak to a much grimmer reality, one that is at times hard to grasp, yet always easy to admire. 9 is definitely a record that takes a few listens to get but Fortid do a good job of making sure it will never be too difficult for a fan of heavy music to dig in too. Yet the deeper you go the more layers you find and the more you realize that these guys have the talent to do something truly special. As is 9 sort of stands as a testament to where the band is in a certain time and place, and hints at even greater things to come.

Epic in scale, and conceptual in scope, Fortid have never been a band who just write songs (Even though the tracks on this record could certainly stand as songs in and of themselves) instead, Fortid create epics. 9 is the sort of record that you need to listen too in one sitting to even scratch the surface. It takes you on a musical journey, and one you won't soon forget. So let your hair fly and body dance to the triumphant rhythms of the north, these Icelandic warriors are here to open your eyes.

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