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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Nervous Impulse

Time to Panic cover art

Blasting ferocious grind with heavy bass riffs and maniacal vocals, Nervous Impulse grab you by the hair and slam your face into the wall. High intensity and almost insane at times, Nervous Impulse tear you apart limb from limb. The beautiful brutality of their music is stunning and will leave you scraping your jaw off the floor. Though the production is shitty, it actually kind of adds to the magic of the band. Nervous Impulse are turned on to a much more profound, face melting reality that understands the true value of grind in the modern context. Sure, these guys are no Gridlink, but the way they absolutely go for the throat with music that is at times frankly terrifying is impressive. Infernal hails to the triumphant grind gods in the making, the crashing drums and vocals coming from every angle are absolutely stunning. A band who capture the imagination, Nervous Impulse will guide you to pure annihilation.

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