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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Groan - Highrospliffics

One thing that always makes me smile is heavy metal with a sense of humor. Groan are a weed obsessed London stoner metal act who understand the raw groove and charm that this kind of music needs to have. There is something strangely mesmerizing about their new EP, Highrospliffics as you dig in top the dark layers and green vibes you start to realize that Groan are on to something great. Sure they're kind of silly, but within the silliness you can find moments of musical genius that should not be discounted.

From the first, you can tell that this EP has something beyond weed derived charm. The vocal lines are powerful and brash. Though they come across as half-shouted they are fairly poignant, when they turn to actual singing (usually on the choruses) you get a sense for the raw talent of the band. Their melodic guitar lines and chunky riffs come together to create something with a wonderful sense of momentum. The Sabbath-worship on a track like Run Out Of Fucks is palatable and in fact only adds to the magic of the music. Toss in a few moments psychedelic drivel and the modern day heaviness of Highrospliffics is given a wonderful touch of the 70s.

So let these songs wash over you with their doom derived attack and dedication to all that is green. Like I said, Groan may be a little bit silly, but Highrospliffics certainly transcends that, it speaks to a grander more human struggle than I think maybe even the band members realize. Couched behind a veil of humor Groan are able to inspire listeners and craft a new sound in an extremely crowded scene. The future seems bright for these Englishmen, now it's just a matter of touring Europe, and perhaps one day the Americas!

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