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Monday, March 2, 2015

Inquisition - Magnificent Glorification of Lucifer

Buzzing along in their wondrously Satanic black metal witchery, Inquisition only ever got better with time. Now I have the honor of reviewing Season Of Mists re-release of 2004's epic ritual, Magnificent Glorification of Lucifer. The sheer atavistic madness of this record goes out and tears apart everything many modern day black metal bands stand for. Sure, I saw Behemoth last night, but Magnificent Glorification of Lucifer takes all of the magic of a band like that and throws it away in favor of an all out oppressive attack.

There is something strangely endearing about the over the top titles of these ritualistic masterpieces. Yet as you fall into the strange soundworlds painted by these songs it's hard not to be reminded of the old masters who crafted pieces of similar length and majesty. Sure these songs may be viewed as oppressive, yet they conjure the same demons that many Romantic-era composers became obsessed with.  This is a record that may be alienating at first (especially because of the distinctly Inquisition-esque vocals) yet in the end it is immensely satisfying. It allows for meditation on the darker side of life and liberation through swift death.

At the end of the day, Magnificent Glorification of Lucifer is still kind of shocking, it is incredibly unique and at times inspiring. It draws the listener to face a bold future and come to a realization that black metal is more than just music but instead a whole liberating ideology, one that will guide you forward and show you the future of mankind as we all prepare to plunge into the next world. So let these songs ring out and pray that when the ritual once more commences you are not offered for the unholy slaughter.

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