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Friday, March 13, 2015

Raging Rob - Raging Mob

Raging Mob cover art

I used to manage this band back in the day, a band called Unscarred, I wrote about 'em on here a lot, go back in the archives, you'll be sure to find 'em. They had a similar sort of sound to what Raging Rob rock, a sort of teutonic thrash derived take on thrash metal that brings in enough other stuff to keep it exciting. The thing is, I can tell Raging Rob fucking kill, their live recordings are a genius audition and provide a stunning endcap to Raging Mob. Few bands have the same sense of glorious destruction that gives flavor to Raging Rob.

I think perhaps what really gets me with this band is the mix of super-exciting vocals and flashy lead work. The riffs are tight, pounding the listener forward as they headbang to redemption, but the thing is, Raging Rob are so much more than that. They get your body shaking as you try to get into mad riffs that understand the true magic of thrash metal. The record is wonderfully produced too, with just enough cushioning to keep things interesting and touches on explosive just enough to keep it dangerous. You never know when Raging Mob will blow up in your face, yet Raging Rob seem to have complete control of the situation.

At the end of the day, what can we do but bend our knee and honor the power of this band. Thrash metal is the ind of thing that unites fans across generations. Raging Rob understand this and have created a sound that just about any fan of heavy music can get in to. Wonderfully ferocious, it's fun to listen to Raging Rob because they understand the trial and tribulation of the common man and they help you to kick it right in the fucking ass. Let your hair down and dive into the pit, this is what metal is all about.

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