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Friday, March 13, 2015

Salems Lott - S/T

Salems Lott is a band with an over the top glam look yet a sound that reeks of 2015. Profound and beautifully arranged here is a band that feel almost manufactured at times, yet that somehow adds to the magic. Salems Lott are essentially what would have happened if glam metal kept evolving and remained a respected genre today. Their sound has all of the bombast and joy of hose glam metal recordings, and yet with touches of growls, skulls being crushed and even classical guitar, there is no way this record couldn't be modern.

There's a lot to love with this band, the way they seem to give no fucks as they tap into a greater sound, something epic and fun, it's just a pleasure to be a part of. With an image that immediately provokes intrigue (after all, how can you not press play when presented with dudes with hair that towers three feet above their heads?) the band do not disappoint when it comes to sonic destruction. At around a half an hour long you never get bored of the flashy solos and angular riffs, instead you are left begging for more, and confident in the knowledge that one day soon Salems Lott will come back and shower us with triumph once more.

Few bands capture my imagination like Salems Lott have. Their sound is truly exciting and its hard to not expect great things from them. They understand how to market a sound that is surprisingly unique. Sure, it's couched in a larger tradition, but the bands unique take on glam is a joy to listen too, a logical extension on all that we love with bands like Motley Crue. My only complaint is that the record has no real anthem to lead it to victory. As is though, there's a lot to love about Salems Lott and the world is at their feet.

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