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Thursday, March 12, 2015


I love it so much when random doom metal bands hit me up, because seriously, why do you even bother to listen to things that aren't doom? Romero capture the imagination with slamming groovy riffs directly contrasted by vaguely esoteric moments of doom metal mastery. The way they fuse together styles is inspiring and songs like Couch Lock represent some of the most exciting, and accessible doom I've heard in a while. Sure Romero have bits reminiscent of bands like Lord Mantis now and then, but the vast majority of the stuff is a lot more in the vein of Black Sabbath or even St. Vitus. Yet there is a sense of high powered rock and roll madness here too. The way Romero get your body shaking with a sensibility that is reminiscent of acts such as Sasquatch is fairly singular and serves to differentiate these guys from the pack. The sort of doom band you can use to get your friends into doom, Romero have a bright future ahead of them.

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