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Saturday, April 4, 2015


Comaniac are a wonderfully vicious little thrash band out of Switzerland. A nifty national treasure these guys seem just about ready to transcend the veil of obscurity and bring the metal to the masses. With high pitched vocals that simply rip into your ear drums couched in next to ripping guitar riffs and a dedication to brutality that is simply delectable Comaniac capture the imagination. There is a certain angular quality to the guitar playing that makes these songs a lot of fun to listen too. Never too techy there is still a sense of flash and bombast that gives the music weight, be it in epic intros like the one on 1,2 Rage or in more high speed riffs like those found on Secret Seed (Or pretty much every other track - let's be real, this is thrash metal after all) Singing about standard thrash fare and guiding mosh pits into utter destruction Comaniac clearly understand how to bring wonderfully fierce and heavy music to the fore, so dive on into the pit, the blood is fine!

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