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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Hollow Haze - Memories Of An Ancient Time

It's been a while since I've gotten to cover some high powered and epic power metal that deals with fascinating lyrical topics. Todays offering - Hollow Haze's Memories Of An Ancient Time is an ancient-aliens obsessed gem that will capture the listeners imagination. Reminiscent of bands like Polarys, Hollow Haze will take you on an epic journey through the forests and the fjords as you come face to face with strange truths that Hollow Haze seek to share with their listeners in this twelve song masterpiece.

Above all else Memories Of An Ancient Time is a lot of fun to listen too. As you get deeper in and start to discover the alien-centric message of the music things only get more interesting. It speaks to the bands potential that they can take such oft-dismissed lyrical content and have it make sense in the context of power metal. There is something rather charming about these songs with their high speed guitar lines and soaring vocals. What I'm trying to say is that Hollow Haze is power metal done right. These guys couch everything in synths and majestic vocals, metal to save the mortal man from the boredom of reality.

Hollow Haze have got their sound down pat. The way that they craft triumphant melodies on top of high powered guitar lines makes for some fun music. Sure - these guys aren't really as anthemic as bands like Hammerfall but they still maintain memorable melodies and inspiring progressions. It's easy to get lost in the bold world carved out by Memories Of An Ancient Time and I'd recommend any power metal fan to try it at least once. The lyrics may not be your bag but it is impossible to deny the charming prowess of Hollow Haze.

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