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Tuesday, April 7, 2015


Before I really get into covering Disordered and the fun of their sound let's get one thing out of the way Carnal Materialism is a fucking killer album title. That being said, Disordered deliver some fun panicky thrashy death metal that has a vital energy to it that will keep you party rockin' all through the night. With spiralling riffs and fetch vocal lines Disordered come together in an almost machine-like manner. The balance of moodier moments with hard hitting thrash riffs creates an impregnable sound. The real drawback here is that the production is very muddy making it hard to really appreciate some of the heavier riffs. The potential is apparent though and I'm excited to hear how Disordered develop. At this point it's only a matter of digging in and feeling the infectious infuriating power of the almighty grooves that define the Disordered sound. Exploring what these guys do with a cosmic sense of heaviness is a pleasure and hints at great things to come from these German merchants of death.

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