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Monday, April 6, 2015

MF Ruckus - Thieves Of Thunder

I'm kind of disappointed that the Thin Lizzy-worship that dominated so many bands just a few years ago is largely gone now. MF Ruckus seem to be hear to replace that void with a sound that feels like a mixture of Valient Thorr with Irelands greatest rock band (Yeah – fuck you Dropkick Murphy's) The point is MF Ruckus know how to deliver high powered rock ad roll with stunning guitar lines and big choruses. Pounding it's way into your heart and mind the bands new record Thieves Of Thunder is a testament to the enduring power of rock and roll.

Ther3 is a rather profound poetry to songs like Ridin'. They draw you in with folk derived melodies (with occasional harmonicas!) and light hearted guitar lines. The reassuring chunka-chunka sound of the rhythm section gives you something to latch on too before the more punk rock derived attack of these songs comes in to blow your head off. Then when you hit a chorus you get a sense of the greatness of this band. They manage to communicate a bad-boy rock and roll image without coming across as overblown or silly. Not to beat a dead horse, but MF Ruckus sound and feel like what would have happened if Thin Lizzy had grown up in the aughties.

MF Ruckus is an easy band to get into. You hop on the horse and ride it for fifteen songs straight. Thieves Of Thunder will kick your ass and then make you smile, this is rock and roll the way it should be done. Some say the genre is dead but I think it merely needs to be reimagined and MF Ruckus do just that. This is music to blare while riding down the highway with the hood down and your hair flying in the wind. With one crazed solo after another blaring its way into your heart it's easy to fall in love with Thieves Of Thunder.

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