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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Gruesome - Savage Land

Longtime readers know that I love me some good Death worship. Featuring Matt Harvey from Exhumed and the quasi-legendary Robin Mazen Gruesome are the kind of throat destroying old school death metal that puts a smile on my face. There is a wonderful sense of darkness that accompanies Savage Land a record that somehow manages to capture the magic of multiple eras of Death while simultaneously infusing the music with something that is distinctly their own - heavy metal for the modern man.

There's a lot to love on Savage Land from the Spiritual Healing style vocals to the flashy and highly melodic solos. The oftentimes stripped down verse riffs provide a tasty basis for the entire record to base itself off of guiding the listener into circle pit after circle pit as they feel every bone get crushed with the almighty power of death fucking metal. There is something triumphantly obscene about the aural violation found in songs like Hideous. You can tell the band is made up of OG death metal freaks - there is a sense of desperation borne of years of shitty shows in tiny basements, and I absolutely love it.

So let these melodies truly sink into your soul and prepare yourself to be battered into a pulp. Gruesome assault the listener with music that is utterly vile and thus glorious. Gruesome have a dedication to dealing death and gore that few of their peers have. With a remarkably youthful vitality that will hopefully come to define the project I can't wait to see what Gruesome pull out next. As is I think we can safely say we are witnessing the birth of a powerful new death metal force who will soon come to hold the world by its throat.

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