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Monday, June 1, 2015

Bhayanak Maut - Man

MAN cover art

One aspect of metal I have always particular fetishized is the genres ability to create a complete piece of art, with visual art and stories complimenting the actual music. Such is the case with Bhayanak Maut's latest masterwork the all encompassing Man. Featuring some of the best composing I've heard from any metal band, their seventeen track epic takes the listener on a journey and represents a gloriously brutal act who take a variety of elements to get a truly iconoclastic and inherently fascinating sound.

What dazzles me about this record is how it shifts back and forth and all around with moments of jazzy brilliance intertwined with Lamb of God-esque groove metal riffs. On top of that you find a variety of vocal styles within the music which only helps to accentuate the wonderfully organic vibes that Bhayanak Maut cultivate on Man. There is something endlessly engaging about this record and the fact that it comes with a 118 page booklet outlining the story of the record only makes it more fascinating to me. Bhayanak Maut have been able to refine a piece of art that will force you to really think and essentially raises the bar on what metal can achieve.

Anthemic and yet also strangely down to earth Man represents years of toil from one of Indias biggest metal bands. A group who have true breakout potential and who could very well alter the future of the genre, Bhayanak Maut understand what it means to forge ahead and breathe new life into a genre God despised. Man stands as a testimony to all that metal can be, sure, as per the record mankind is a cancer on the earth, but we gotta be earning some points if members of our species can put out something as good as this!

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