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Monday, June 1, 2015

Black Space Riders - Refugeeum

Black Space Riders are a band who have never shied away from the epic. Their latest record, the all encompassing and oftentimes mind boggling Refugeeum sees the band delivering their specific brand of post metal tinged heaviness at its finest. Strangely cinematic in its appeal Black Space Riders have been able to refine a record that takes you on a journey and shows you the bleakest depths of mankind. Reflecting on our personal destruction of our Earthly home, Black Space Riders remain grim prophets of doom whose words must be heeded.

One of the thing that fascinates me about this record is the vaguely meditative vibe that it seems to have. Sure there are moments of balls out heaviness but that seems to be almost besides the point. Black Space Riders truly prosper when they're allowing the quasi-chanted vocals and ambient sounds to dominate the mix. The heaviness merely provides a tasteful counterpoint to brilliantly composed tracks that flow into each other incredibly well, giving the entire record an almost Abbey Road like level of continuity. I think it's pretty clear that Black Space Riders seek to make Refugeeum a pure sonic experience, and as you delve through this path it's hard to deny their raw skill.

Refined and intellectual Refugeeum really takes a few listens to truly understand. Fans are going to have to dig in and pick apart the multilayered messaged that Black Space Riders have unveiled with this release. Yet in its 9 tracks and extended run time you find yourself chanting along, falling in lov with the overarching messages of truth and justice that provide a sense of freedom, and perhaps more importantly cathartic release. Refugeeum provides a refreshing new take on metal madness and it will be hard for these dudes to top it!

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