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Tuesday, June 2, 2015


Døne are more than just evidence that Andy Patterson is secretly in every band past, present and future, they are also a testament to the enduring power of doom and the way that even a two piece can come together to create some highly visceral and thought provoking music. With some very Yob-derived vibes, these guys have managed to put together something sludgy, organic and engaging with their new release, 2 Much But Never Enough. It's the sort of trudging sonic poetry that even the uninitiated might be able to find solace in. The thing is - Døne understand the depths of human suffering and in their stripped down fuzzed out sound they have been able to string together something that speaks to all of us. The way the wah pedal functions to add a whole new layer to the band and the way Pattersons drumming invigorates the whole thing with a sense of majesty... well... you just get a feeling that's the way things were meant to be. These dudes have been playing together for parts of 4 decades now, and with a pedigree like that, it's impossible to deny their latent greatness.

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