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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Zygnema - What Makes Us Human Is Obsolete

What Makes Us Human Is Obsolete cover art

It's pretty remarkable to see how fast the Indian metal scene has evolved over the past couple of years. It seems like only yesterday we were only really hearing brutal death metal demos from the subcontinent and now we're getting highly advanced and rather European sounding madness like What Makes Us Human Is Obsolete from the wonderfully refined Indian thrashers in Zygnema. Visceral and filled with chunky riffs that will cut you apart, this is a thrash record for a new generation of punter.

Sure - the band sometimes falls into old tropes - the kind of thing that makes a lot of Euro-thrash so noxious, but the thing is Zygnema recover from these faults incredibly well. Their riff style is distinct and that in and of itself is enough to make them kings. As they grow their tone will only improve (Which frankly is one of my biggest complaints) and they will learn to capitalize more on the delicious riffs. Again - I can not emphasize enough What Makes Us Human Is Obsolete has a wonderfully distinct flavor that far outshines the records relatively few drawbacks, making this a gem of the Indian scene.

Perhaps I've been a bit too harsh - but that's only because I want to hear Zygnema grow beyond wht they've already been able to carve for themselves. They have one of the most dynamic sounds in the scene and their willingness to mix in ambient interludes to punishing thrash metal is delicious. The acoustic mastery of the hidden track is simply icing on the cake for me - proving that once and for all Zygnema are here to stay. Able to do just about anything these titans have just about got the world by the balls.

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