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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Dreadnought - Bridging Realms

So what happens if you take artsy doom metal and add a layer of prog? Such seems to be the guiding question behind Dreadnought's monolithic and awe inspiring Bridging Realms which uses epic soundscapes and fantastic songwriting to create doom metal that would appeal to music majors. Gloriously intelligent and joyously refined this is the sort of incredibly dense and thought provoking doom metal that forces you to spin the record again and again in desperate hope that in time will come a better understanding of what the music means.

The instrumentation on Bridging Realms defies words, there is a variety of non-rock instruments implemented which is a big part of what makes Dreadnought so darned interesting, and beyond that dare I say Subrosa-y? The classical elements employed on tracks like Odyssey give the whole thing an important sense of gravitas. The vocals on this record are spot on, interweaving powerful growls with intricate female vocal harmonies. On top of that Dreadnought have figured out how to perfectly balance dark and light, finding a sense of hope even in the most bleak moments that the music carries out. The journey that you find yourself enjoying on Bridging Realms forces you to reconsider your place in reality and leaves you with a smile on your face.

Bridging Realms has rapidly become one of my favorite heavy records of the year and I am so glad that Cat Jones saw fit to send it back around. The thing is, this is the sort of record that needs coverage because it is advancing the genre in a way that none of its peers are even dreaming of. Bridging Realms brings in a little bit of everything to its gloriously iconoclastic sound. I've fallen in love and I see myself vibing out to this for days to come. Dreadnought have crafted a masterwork and now we need to see them grow.

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