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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

42 Decibel - Rolling In Town

There is a strange power to rock and roll but the thing is a lot of these revivalist groups don't fully get that and instead create a project that feel second rate. Initially I thought this of SPV's latest release, 42 Decibel's Rolling In Town. And yet upon digging in deeper I realized that 42 Decibel understand the spirit of rock and roll far better than almost any of their peers. Clearly aware of how the music needs to rise and fall, one gets a sense of completion when listening to this record, guided by the realization that 42 Decibel want to spread the good word further than it's ever gone before.

Sure, the record starts off with a tasty rocker (And I must say, this bands vocalist fucking rips) but it gets deeper than that fast. Once you start feeling the almost psychedelic vibes that come in towards the middle of the record 42 Decibel become all the more engaging. You realize that these guys want to give you the kind of sonic experience one might have gotten from hard rock in the 70s and it is glorious, as with their musical ancestors, it is the deep cuts that contain the bands true artistry. The pentatonic riffs don't become the backbone to the record but instead a tasteful accoutrement, complementing the rest of the release and allowing the listener to truly immerse themselves in the rock and roll magic of the band.

At the end of the day, this really is just another rock and roll release, but that's what makes it great. It proves that the canon will never stop growing and kind of makes me smile in a weird and sort of sad way. The fact of the matter is that 42 Decibel transport the listener on multiple levels and create a sort of spiritual experience with their music. For that reason it rapidly become impossible to deny the greatness of what they have constructed here. Instead all I can say is, throw up the horns! I'm just another fuckin' fan!

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