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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Dalkhu - Descend Into... Nothingness

Emerging from the the small eastern European country, Slovenia, comes the blackened death metal known as Dalkhu. They dub themselves as "sinister metal" due to their distaste for the current black metal scene and maybe that might help them propel their brand of extreme metal towards a larger audience. 

They certainly have a sinister sound, one that conjures grim thoughts and evil vibes from its seven crushing tracks. The guitars are raw for black metal and downtuned to oblivion for death metal and they use the combination to their advantage. The sound has the epicness and grandness of the former genre but doesn't make it overwhelming. The instruments provide the perfect backdrop for the deep, very deep, gutteral vocals emitted from the frontman and everything seems to meld and blend very well to create a brutal, heavy blackened death metal record. Though brutal as it may be, some melody creeps its way into some songs, notably In the Woods creates a sweeping canvas of harmony combined with agony. Other songs like The Fireborn aim to make you (forgive me for this) descend into nothingness with its crushing blows to your ears brought on by its assault of guitars, blasting drums, and extremely deep growls.

Dalkhu have shown promise in being one of the better blackened death metal acts out there right now and with their new release, I'm hoping their receive more attention. Descend Into... Nothingness is a brutal and harsh experience that is sure to catch the attention of anyone who dares put it on.

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