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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Bandit - Play Fast Or Die

Bandit are among one of the most potent groups of kids dedicated to powerviolence to ever have existed. Their live shows are explosive, their music grinding and iconoclastic, what more could you want? These Unholy Anarchy signees are freaks of the highest order and their sonic attack on their jaw dropping debut Play Fast Or Die will have die hard extreme music fans going nuts over their work. The fact of the matter is that Bandit have come very far in their short time as a band, and Play Fast Or Die suggests the best is yet to come.

Heavy on extremely short songs and with surprisingly few gang vocals Bandit have done a great job of crafting a distinct sound, largely based around the fact that they have three vocalists. Hell, on this record the majority of the vocal duties are handled by the fucking drummer, yet another way these dudes stand out. Beyond that, the stop-start attack of the riffs and the overall tightness of the record means that Play Fast Or Die is a highly enjoyable listen, it sees the band blazing forward at lightning speed and leaving you gasping for air before breaking into one of their far too rare slowed down and heavy as balls moments that bash your skull into the ground. The mix of hardcore, grindcore, powerviolence and even bits of heavy metal is endlessly delightful.

If you're discerning enough you'll find a wealth of exciting different ideas on Play Fast Or Die and it will certainly have you picking apart their demos. Though the doom freak in me would like to see more slowed down parts it's impossible to deny that Bandit have more than proven themselves on this record. Now as they get ready to go on tour and play more out of state shows than ever before you have to wonder, how much longer will it be until these freaks are ready for the big stages at This Is Hardcore and Maryland Deathfest? If they keep building on this, it's only a matter of time.

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