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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Serial Hawk - Searching For Light

I've known about Serial Hawk since I was about 15, and in many ways they were one of my first truly elite heavy bands. See, these guys are turned on to something far more intelligent than many of their peers in their metal community, but for a certain subset of metal dudes it's really just par for the course. The fact of the matter is that with Searching For Light Serial Hawk head ever deeper down their own sonic pathways and help to uncover what makes their truly charming sound so goddamn unique in the first place.

From the album opener, the epic Desolate which debuted on PopMatters last week to the stunning end piece that is Searching for Light, an 18 minute long epic, it becomes clear why Serial Hawk are so respected in the doom community. Though things certainly feel organic throughout the record it's also hard to deny that there is a sense of highly refined artistry in what Serial Hawk do. The balance that they have found between music driven purely by vibes and far more visceral compositions is stunning and is, to me at least, a key part of what makes Serial Hawk so special and so endlessly engaging. When all is said and done, Searching For Light represents an aural victory from artists at the top of their game.

At the end of the day, you can't help but smile at the majesty of what this band has created. Searching For Light guides the listener on a sort of sightseeing trip, evidencing Serial Hawks triumphs as they jump from peak to peak. The kind of record that feels circular, and inherently complete it's hard to want to listen to anything else after even a single spin of Searching For Light. It's the kind of music that so entirely engulfs the listener that you have no choice but to smile, let down your hair and click play one more time!

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