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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Corpse Garden - Entheogen

When one thinks of Heavy Metal, one does not think of bands coming out of a country like Costa Rica. Though the country is very low on the metal profile, that's not to say they aren't conjuring twisted, sludgy death metal like Corpse Garden who just released their second offering; Entheogen. Thirteen tracks of jungle dwelling, heat stroke inducing death metal that is sure to help put their country on the metal map.

The album starts and finishes with a bleak, doom-laden mood that pummels the listener with sludgy, raw guitars, strong drums, and thick bass overlaced with dark samples that add to the already gloomy and unsheltered sound these songs produce. With strong leads, chuggy riffs, some decent solos, and twangy yet thick bass, the guitar work on this album has a variety of methods for assisting you with drowning in the murky waters of this record. The drums aren't spectacular but not in a bad way. They compliment the guitars very well with mostly simple beats and progression that show how being too technical can ruin an album and simplicity makes it better.

Overall, Entheogen is a solid effort for the band and warns us of the possibility that more impending doom may start emerging from Central America if more groups start making music like Corpse Garden.

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