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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Agent Fresco - Destrier

One thing starting this blog has really turned me on to has been the ability of music to take you on a journey. The sonic wonderment that defines Agent Frescos new record Destrier is the perfect example of this, coming in on a monolithic and eerie drone and ebbing and flowing until the records eventual conclusion with the beautifully crafted Mono No Aware. Along the way you are treated to moments of technical ecstasy, shocking brutality and delicate prettiness. It's the kind of bizarre polymerization that makes a record worth multiple listens.

The thing is, Agent Fresco are extremely talented musicians, a fact made clear from even just the first song on the record. However, unlike many of their peers they don't take advantage of this to write inaccessible music. Instead they are able to refine far more unique, artsy and vivid soundscapes that have helped them to establish an extremely iconoclastic sound that will have you dissecting the aural paradise that these guys have created, a task that could keep you occupied for weeks on end. Despite the vast complexities of Destrier there is still something distinctly listenable to them that keeps the whole thing moving forward with a potent energy.

SPV Records has always done a great job of signing truly unique bands who inspire listeners and come from a diverse background of styles, Agent Fresco are merely another example of that. Beyond that though they take musical beauty to a new level putting avant garde ideals alongside pop ones and making something truly special. The way that these guys have been able to find a unique sound in a crowded scene is endlessly interesting to me and Destrier is the kind of record a band can base their career off of.

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