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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Godhunter/Destroyer of Light - Endsville

Somehow I must tear myself away from Def Leppard to share with you the incredible doom metal split that is Endsville. Though I like to pretend it was named after the village in the Grimm Adventures of Billy and Mandy, let's be real, it probably wasn't, but that doesn't mean this split isn't awesome. Wonderfully long and filled with delicious riffs from both Godhunter and Destroyer of Light Endsville is one of those splits that people can base an entire international scene around, it's simply that good.

Beyond the emphasis on big riffs, the entire record has an apocalyptic bent with both bands having contributed songs that are lyrically centered around the end of times. There is something gloriously evil about the overall vibe crafted by this suitably doomy lyrical content and it makes for a split that is really fun to listen too and extremely strong from its brooding acoustic start with Godhunters End Time Blues to the chaotic finish where Destroyer of Light seem to fade away into an endless storm of noise. The primal power of Endsville is perhaps what makes it most notable and so incredibly fascinating to a metal nerd like me.

There is something strangely comforting about Endsville. Perhaps the way the entire thing is couched around two covers (One for each band) but perhaps it's simply that these guys manage to create a remarkably cohesive record despite sounding fairly different. Both can get heavy as shit, and while Godhunter might be more prone to growls Destroyer of Light has a penchant for kickass guitarmonies so in the end, I don't know where that leaves you. All I do know though is that if you like it heavy and epic, look no further, your end is nigh.

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