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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Nuclear - Formula For Anarchy

One of the things that reminds me I'm in the right career is how sometimes a relatively insignificant seeming record can thrash your face off and make you fall in love. When I opened this record I saw it as just another Chilean thrash band, yet the more I spin it the more I can't help but smile. With their fifth release, the monstrous Formula For Anarchy, Nuclear have unleashed some of the rawest and most aggressive thrash metal I have heard in years. Toss in circle pit inducing riffs and just a touch of hardcore and you have yourself digging into something fabulous.

There is something endlessly enjoyable to me about this bands combination of flashy speed metal solos and harsh Slayer-esque vocals. Every time that you think Nuclear have hit an upper limit on intensity they somehow raise the bar. The fact of the matter is Formula For Anarchy is one of those thrash records that tears you the fuck apart with a delicious mix of tech death riffs and more straight up DRI-esque thrash moments. Sure I had never even heard of this band before this morning but I realize now that in many ways they represent the culmination of everything that I have ever loved in thrash metal.

The fact of the matter is that if I close my eyes whilst listening to Formula For Anarchy I see myself as a 16 year old again diving into the circle pit and crushing skulls. The rabid energy of this album will keep your head banging for hours on end. Gloriously produced and wonderfully executed this is the kind of record that you keep close to the chest simply because Nuclear have proven themselves to be that fucking good. This is a thrash record for the ages, and if you don't get it then you might as well leave the hall.

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