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Friday, July 31, 2015

Skraeckoedlan - Sagor

Yet another Swedish band whose name I can't pronounce. But no matter, I will carry on and review them anyway! Skraeckoedlan are a sort of... fuzzed out rock band with touches of Faith No More accenting a doom veneer. And yet... perhaps Faith No More isn't the right comparison... what I'm trying to say is that on Sagor Skraeckoedlan bring in a touch of weirdness to keep things interesting. The freaked out guitar riffs and powerful vocals come together to help create a record that will definitely get you thinking if nothing else.

Though the licks feel largely pentatonic there is something distinctly poetic to the almost droning poetry of the band. With Sagor the band have found some truly powerful grooves to accent destructive riffing and it comes together in such a way that it ends up taking the listener on a journey. One interesting side note is that, though this record might hold up well next to many of it's doom brethren, the songs tend to feel a bit shorter, even if the full fledged compositions (There are also a few interludes) actually are in the 5-8 minute range. The sense of perpetual forward motion in what Skraeckoedlan do makes the music addictive and guides the listener ever on.

The borderline shouted feel of the vocals fuses nicely with the overall approach of the music and is nicely counteracted by occasional droned out chanted passages. It speaks to the bands ability as songwriters to create something that feels so full and complete. You feel almost obligated to dig ever deeper into the Torche like ramblings that this band has carved out of nothingness. Skraeckoedlan understand what it means to crush the listener with sound, and until they do, prepare for some of the best jams of your life.

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