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Friday, August 21, 2015

Pseudo/Sentai - Bansheeface

It's rare that I really listen to weird proggy stuff these days - but every once in a while I stumble into something so exceptional that I have to give it a write up. Pseudo/Sentai's new record Bansheeface is one such record. Though I wasn't previously familiar with this artists work I met the mastermind behind the project last week at a show and I have to say - now I have fallen deeply in love. There is no denying the unending power of Pseudo/Sentai and it speaks to the bands power to create glorious sounds that carry forward and speak to the soul.

There is a very distinct sense of artistry on Bansheeface that speaks to the brilliance behind the music. The audacity of these tracks is stunning. They bring in a Faith No More type weirdness alongsides Buckethead-esque guitar lines that feel off kilter and brilliant. The bass playing courtesy of Bangladeafy's John Ehlers (Who has rapidly become one of my favorite bassists in the world) is top notch too and helps to establish a stunning bottom end. Bring in the fact that dudes like the great Colin Marston were involved in this project and it becomes hard to deny that Pseudo/Sentai is avant garde metal brilliance for the twenty first century.

Bansheeface is one of those records that I sincerely hope breaks out of the metal underground and gets the recognition it deserves. It's such a massive epic involving a clearly enormous travail - transcending genre boundaries and instead speaking to a more profound reality that everyone can relate too - even if the music might initially be alienating. The point is - if you can crack the surface of Bansheeface then it is well worth it - this is music taken to a strange new level and digging into it will never leave me bored.

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