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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

At the Harbour - "GASLIT"

When a debut album/EP comes across my desk I always get tickled.  Listening to a group of people who craft several instruments into a piece of art that grows and spreads across the world like a virus is just amazing.  I want to be this bands ground zero for a whole new population of die hard fans.  I bring to the masses the debut EP "GASLIT" by At the Harbour.  

This six piece from Reading Pennsylvania brings intensity to a scene saturated by skinny jeans and windbreakers that just shatters the pattern of similar sounds coming from the hardcore and pop punk genres.  This EP comes in like a fight song to build up to the mayhem.  Built like a house, this band has a strong foundation of hardcore husk but with a modern twist that captivates the listener.  Harmony is very important when it comes to this EP and most listeners would expect this to be mostly screams but coming in at exactly the right time the other vocalist comes in to seal the deal on your new favorite band.  The vocal duo in this band work together perfectly to bring the emotions of each lyric to life.  Also, you're not getting a "cat in the hat" band that uses basic vocabulary and rhyming schemes.  These are real thoughts and experiences creating each line.

The music drives the pace of this album and reminds me of the reason why I chose to play this kind of music myself.  You are getting empowering build ups and destructive breakdowns but still have the option to take the lighter road to get deep with your audience.  "GASLIT" shows the bands ability to play on both sides of the fence while writing for themselves.  They aren't trying to be progressive just to show off and they keep their music catchy and memorable.  Placement is just as important as quality and At the Harbour demonstrates great songwriting techniques throughout the entire EP.  If you haven't caught the virus yet then this must not be your cup of tea, but if you enjoy the variety in bands such as Silverstein, A Day to Remember and blessthefall then welcome to the outbreak. 

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