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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Insect Ark, Codas and Locrian at St Vitus Bar

Last night was something of a rite of passage for me - it was my first evening at the now legendary St Vitus. This bar - known for hosting all manner of top notch metal events sees the cream of the crop pass through its doors. In the audience at last nights show I bumped into writers for Metalsucks, and internationally touring musicians among others. The point being - this is the beating heart of the heavy metal underground so getting to check out three great bands at a venue like this one is not an experience one should underestimate.

Up first was Codas - a one man industrial(ish) project that used a guitar and various laptop effects for a highly emotive and powerful musical experience. There is something strangely cathartic about watching Codas unique brand of music in a tiny dark room like the one at St Vitus. It gives you a sense of intimacy with the music and allows the walls of sound to resonate around the listener and give them a sense of freedom even with the projects harsh sonic confines.
Codas is heavy music that speaks to the soul and has an intensely personal power that will open your eyes and guide you into the void.

Insect Ark came on next with a half hour set by only half the duo (The other half lives on the West Coast and unfortunately couldn't make it) The sound of Insect Ark is the sound of mountains moving. You find yourself lost in the great undulating sonic waves. Waves that speak right to the heart and get your entire body caught up in some sort of strange unholy motion. Insect Ark has a sort of surreal power behind it that keeps music nerds like me totally rapt. Largely industrial but unafraid to embrace the beauty of the bass guitar - this is the kind of stripped down sonic majesty that makes post-music so valuable.

Finally the hour had come for the almighty Locrian to wow the crowd with a wholly cathartic release of sound - replete with gentle climaxes and decrescendos and reflected in the musicians every movement. These guys are not just great musicians - they are top notch performers. It makes the Locrian live show almost a form of performance art. You find yourself staring deep into their actions and wondering what their odd and often experimental sounds say about humanity. Locrian are aware of the profound power of music (if this is even properly music) and this leads to something utterly overwhelming and completely unforgettable.

At the end of the night as I enjoyed my thirty minute walk home (You have to love these last beautiful nights of summer) I couldn't help but smile. Not only had I done it - bloodied myself in the ethereal magic of St Vitus Bar but I had gotten to see three bands that provide the sort of catharsis that makes this life livable. And so I find myself looking on to what else I have to face today - interview transcriptions, phone calls and a whole lot of guitar and I realize that in the end - we will make it through, if only because of the music.

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