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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Audiotopsy - Natural Causes

One of the things I find truly interesting in the rock scene these days is the idea of mixing extreme metal elements (like harsher vocals and heavier guitars) with more traditional rock elements and grooves. This leads to records like Audiotopsy's Natural Causes which brings in touches of Torche alongside bits of Pantera (Which makes sense considering they feature ex members of Hellyeah) to create an immense sounding record that is at times atmospheric and at other times heavy as balls - metal for the modern age.

A lot of these songs have found a sort of perfect balance between modern rock and more traditional metal elements. These guys have been able to take an evolution on their previous work with Mudvayne and Skrape and turn it into something a lot more thought provoking. It shows that these dudes had a lot more to contribute to the musical canon and it makes Audiotopsy strangely cathartic. In a way it is tremendously reassuring to hear these kinds of evolutions on rock music coming from dudes who are by now (As weird as it is to say) elder statesmen of the genre. Like Jocko Marcellino of Sha Na Na says - "Once you've got the bug, you have no choice!" and such is the case with Natural Causes.

I sit here in my living room with roommate who claims "This music gives me a hard on" which I think speaks to the depth of the music in a kind of fucked up way. The point being - rock and roll is here to stay, no matter what the critics say some bastardization or evolution or SOMETHING will continue to find itself succeeding in the twenty first century. It seems to me at least that Natural Causes may be one of those records, with its fun mix of light and dark and potent melodies it's definitely not a record to miss.

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