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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Night - "Satellites"

Where I live the weather has become more comfortable and when I'm out with my dog at night I look up at the stars and hear a soundtrack that complements my mood.  Recently I was introduced to a band that has captured the soundtrack of my life from the worst to the best days perfectly.  A sound that just makes me think and has an almost therapeutic feel.  "Satellites" is a debut album from a band called Night that completely alters your mind set after just one song.

Instrumental bands always have a tough time conveying their message because, of course, there are no vocals to tell you what to think or feel.  Night has a great way of having you interpret their songs for yourself and it makes it more personal to your life and what you're currently going through.  Wether you lost someone close to you or just made a new life long connection, these songs will empower you to rethink about your life and wonder why you listen to the radio rather than embarking on a new adventure with sounds like "Satellites."  The echoic and spacey feel from the guitar is almost like mind surfing until the distortion picks up and reminds you that there is more to this music than chords and rhythmic bass lines.  The drums in this album are very driving towards how the song is perceived due to the different techniques and genres coming from behind those sticks.

"Satellites" is a reminder of how much music can inspire the thoughts of people when they just listen and enjoy the ride.  Like a painting, this music is free to interpretation and allows for something as  simple as a long drive to become more than just a destination but a pilgrimage into ones self.  This soundtrack of the human soul is alluring and inspiring to say the least.  Give "Satellites" by Night a chance to give you that gift.

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  1. Great review, I will definitely be checking these guys out later.