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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Corrections House - Know How To Carry A Whip

There is a brilliant sense of tortured triumph behind Corrections House's latest record, the fucked up and wholly unique Know How To Carry A Whip. I guess that's what happens when you've got two of the most dominant frontmen in heavy music in your band. The point being - Corrections House have put out a truly dominant record here - the kind of thing that shows the genius of every member involved and pushes each individual participant to their limit as an artist - leading to some truly great music.

In many regards it's hard not to be strangely charmed by Corrections House. The interplay between Scott Kelly and Mike IX is far more developed than on their debut - leading to tracks that have a truly potent sense of torment behind them. Toss in a little bit of graveyard humor with song titles like "I Was Never Good At Meth" and "When Push Comes To Shank" and it's easy to get a sense of the despair that haunts this band and helps to make their music so goddamn good. Another important thing to note is the quality of the electronics. Even from the first song it's clear that Sanford Parker has reached a whole new level of auditory chaos - creating strange loops that can't help but capture the imagination.

And so we delve deeper into the murk - forever more enamored with the demented realities that these rightfully lauded geniuses have been able to put out. Corrections House are simply put, one of the most exciting bands in the world right now and watching them continue to unleash their sonic sorrow will never get old. Though they may just be a somewhat obscure side project now I get the impression that these guys are only going to grow - the sheer force of personality found within is impossible to ignore and will always lead to triumphant results.

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