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Friday, September 25, 2015

Kylesa - Exhausting Fire

Kylesa have become one of metals most influential bands in recent years so it makes sense that they might feel pressured to put out their best record to date. In a sea of imitators you kind of have to wonder what the band would bring on their latest full length. Now after a handful of listens I am pleased to report that Kylesa are back and as potent as ever – Exhausting Fire representing all that is great about the band whilst simultaneously driving them forward into being one of the most impressive musical forces of the last twenty years.

While Exhausting Fire definitely is a more intelligent evolution on the bands past work the titanic riffs that made this group so excellent in the first place are still here and dominate the record It's hard to deny the immortal power of these swirling riffs and the way that they are able to capture the imagination with crushing blow after blow of pure sonic annihilation. The balance of light and dark on Exhausting Fire is also impressive. It gives the album a far more epic sentiment than that found on any previous Kylesa release. You find yourself not only getting lost in the soundscapes but also unable to deny the immortal power of the music.

This is the kind of album that paints gigantic iconoclastic soudnscapes and refuses to give you any ort of bullshit reprieve. Instead you find yourself buried ever more deeply into the mind melting musical master that the band has been able to create. Few enough bands have been abe to fabricate a sound as iconoclastic as that of Kylesa. Exhausting Fire sees them pushing all kinds of limits and discoering brave new paths forward in a world of perpetual suffering. The point being – there is clearly a lot left in this bands tank and I'm excited for the future to come!

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