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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

So Hideous - Laurestine

The time has finally come for So Hideous to embrace all of their early promise. With a record based around the number seven, to the extent that they use exclusively 7/8 and 7/4 time signatures Laurestine stands as a testament to stellar songwriting that transcends the genre. The fact of the matter is So Hideous are changing the face of heavy music with their latest release and it is a record that REFUSES to be underestimated. Ambitious and beautiful - this is the kind of record that makes me proud to be a metalhead.

The thing is for Laurestine the dudes in So Hideous pulled out all the stops - hiring a thirty piece orchestra to accentuate their triumphant music. A concept record in the grandest possible form it's hard not to enjoy every step of the journey that So Hideous take you on. The thing is - this is the kind of record that requires at least four or five listens to even scratch the surface of, there is simply so much going on and So Hideous are ridiculously far ahead of their time. It leaves us in a whole new soundworld and one that other metal bands should be taking note of. So Hideous have effectively raised the bar for artistry in metal and the ramifications could be epic.

And so I leave you dear reader to once more cloak myself in the incredible ecstasy that is Laurestine - a heavy metal record that refuses to come across like any other. There is a profound sense of sonic poetry to this album - something that only shines through in the top few albums of any given year. Laurestine understand the raw gravitas of their music and it helps them to speak to the masses and unveil the beauty within. This is heavy metal for the modern man, nay, the thinking man, and you had better get used to it, because with any luck Laurestine is the future.

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