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Friday, September 18, 2015

Lucid Terror, Mary Todd, Meek Is Murder and Antichrist Demoncore at the Acheron

Another night another show, and I sit here now in my living room watching my roommate play Bioshock while I chill out - enjoying the vibes of these precious last days of summer. I'm also gripped with the realization that if my mother found out I spent the evening hanging out with a band called Antichrist Demoncore she would be more disappointed than usual. The point being, tonight I got to see four bands - triumphant and bleak the lot of them giving me a shot to look out into the darkness and smile - full of the realization that as hard as life may be, at least I'm not the guy who I got to  the most.

First up was the almighty Lucid Terror a grinding two piece fully aware of the magic of their own brutality. Listening to them tear the crowd up in their short set was a pleasure and reflected all the magic of grind. With a dominating bottom end and dedicated to fucking shit up with a gleeful dedication to brutality this is the kind of skull crushing heavy music that forms the absolute basis for so many bands that we love. This is the way that extreme music guides us forward, with sounds so fucking dark that it ends up wholly cathartic and leaves you feeling strangely clean, free of the burden of the day to day.

Mary Todd were up next - a band I had heard my buddies at the show buzzing about beforehand. Minutes into their performance I could see why - these guys take grindcore to a whole new level bringing in sweep picking and tapping to create a sonic assault that is wholly unique. They, like Meek Is Murder are one of those bands that pushes the limits of what extreme music can be and help to make the genre so exciting. Watching them blast through a twenty minute set was mindboggling and truly inspiring - it was proof that truly potent things are happening right now in the underground and we would be remiss to forget that.

Probably my most hotly anticipated band of the night was Meek Is Murder, an act I had been listening to since my salad days in Paris. They utterly blew me away with a short set full of energy and interludes that featured the Titanic theme. There is something fun about this band despite how vicious they can be, you see, watching Meek Is Murder is a unique experience because at once you can feel your mind expanding but you also get the sense that at any moment somebody might come over and rip your throat out. They are simply that good, and that unique. This is truly metallic hardcore for the next generation - here to blast us into oblivion.

Finally the hour had arrived for the legendary Antichrist Demoncore - powerviolence gods who came all the way from Los Angeles to melt the faces off a handful of dedicated fans in the New York City underground. With a set that clocked in at just under half an hour the band played classics from throughout their discography and proved that they deserve their place among the masters of the genre. This is the kind of sublime darkness that makes the genre so goddamn worth it. Their wondrous sense of blasphemy and utter dedication to anarchy is fascinating to watch unfold on a live stage and proves the eternal might of a few loud guitars, fucked up vocals and ripping drums.

So the evening came to a close - I made my way home, and started to write yet another fucking review. And yet despite it all, or perhaps in spite of it I adore it. I'm watching a Bioshock cutscene and reflecting on the meaning of grind and loving every minute of it. These soirees, where you meet extreme metal dudes from all over the area and get to hang out with friends old and new are the type of evenings that prove this genre gives us a beautiful reason to live. So check out these bands, support the scene and prepare to feel the light through our daily struggle.

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