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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Varg - Rotkappchen

Varg have always been one of those special folk metal bands that inspire not just metal fans. The second I clicked play on this record my roommate exclaimed "Whatever this is, I dig it!" The fact of the matter is that Varg are master songwriters and top notch musicians putting together exciting tunes, this time in their rather fun (if appropriately bleak) Rotkappchen a record which, if you couldn't guess from the cover art, is all about Little Red Riding Hood and features both Christopher Bowes of Alestorm as well as the band Trollfest.

The thing that makes this EP special is that not only is it a totally rad continuation on what the band has already done, it also has a few interesting goodies that help us to get a better understanding of what the dudes in Varg are all about. The twenty five minute long instrumental version of Rotkappchen entitled Rotkappchen Im Bierzelt shows us that when the day is done these grim warriors really want nothing more than to dance around and get drunk with their buddies - and there is really something kind of admirable about that. That being said - the new material is fabulous featuring the dueling guitars and crunchy riffs that made this band so great in the first place.

Varg are ferocious and triumphant as ever on the Rotkappchen and it shows us that these dudes are not going to slow down - in fact I'm more excited than ever about their upcoming record. Simply put - Varg are metal legends of the highest caliber and hearing them unleash sonic madness on these tracks is a true dream come true. Varg are going to punish your eardrums with their high powered, fun, and strangely magical power of their music. This is folk metal that will reign proudly for generations to come, so go out and fucking dig it.

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