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Friday, September 18, 2015

Vhol - Deeper Than Sky

Vhol - one of the most enigmatic and potent bands in the world - one that sees them pushing their unique brand of heavy, psychedelic and thrashy music that drives the genre forward. Utterly out there, potent and filled with all sorts of astonishing vocal acrobatics the band have truly come into their own on Deeper Than Sky proving their debuts potential and going far beyond what anyone thought possible - creating one of the greatest heavy records of the year. A veritable supergroup at this point it's impossible to not be all about Vhol.

From the first song, the hard hitting The Desolate Damned, you can tell that this will be a motherfucker of a record. Toss in epics like the twelve minute title track and the positively danceable Paino and you realize you're looking at a record that speaks to the human condition through blast beats and raw energy. Beyond that though there is a sense of artsiness that retroactively raises the status all of the bands that have inspired them, it's simply that good. Mike Scheidt and his merry men have managed to unlock the potent future of thrash metal and now that I have seen behind the veil I can tell you it is glorious.

Highly melodic, flashy, and yet always surprisingly tasteful Deeper Than Sky is the kind of thrash record that proves the genre has a lot more to be said and will keep you wondering other sonic possibilities what this beautiful band holds. Vhol are going to open your mind whether you like it or not so prepare yourself for a record that is quite literally a religious experience. Stunning and punishingly heavy Deeper Than Sky is a peak in the career of every musician involved and should never be forgotten.

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