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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Heathen Beast - Trident

Trident (Black Metal) cover art

Heathen Beast are one of those gloriously evil bands that truly understand the deliciously putrid magic of black metal. These guys bring the rage at a million miles an hour but temper it with touches of their native India, leading to a sound that is so fetch. At once exotic and intimidating this is a record that fuels the ancient magic of one of the worlds oldest civilizations with a frostbitten sensibility that will resonate with listeners from all over the world, so long as they are willing to be drenched in the sublime vileness of black metal.

The fanciful riffs are wonderfully balanced against crushing concepts that leave you suffering under the mind melting magic of this band. The sense of rage is endlessly palatable and speaks to something far more primal within all of us. What I'm trying to say is that the songwriting on Trident is extremely tastefully delivered and leaves nerds like me absolutely in awe of what the band has been able to create on this record. They have found a perfect, and very tasteful fusion of old and new, never over the top, but instead perpetually well executed - intricate combinations that speak to the very human condition.

While yes - Trident is initially quite jarring there is actually a strange charisma behind this record that will have you falling in love with the sonic highways that Heathen Beast paint. Blazing forth with an ungodly rage Heathen Beast boldly cast aside any form of religion, but are sure to respect the power of their ancestors. Trident sees a very exciting band establishing a sound that has the potential to take their subcontinent, and really the world by storm. Ridiculously talented and far too fun - this is heavy metal for a globalized age.

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