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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Conjuro Nuclear - Reacciones Paganas

Conjuro Nuclear is a one man band from Barcelona, Spain. The man that conducts it all, goes by the name of Emesis. Emesis is the medical term or vomit and it’s also the name of my first band. Always random finding information like this out. “Reacciones Paganas”, is his third full length release.

At first glance of the album artwork, I thought I saw a horned beast riding a horse skeleton. Upon looking at the image longer I realized it was much more then what I originally thought. It appears to be Lucifer sitting in his throne with some sort of odd cross and massive staff. At the bottom of the image is a row of symbols. Moon, Sun, Earth, Water, Wind and Fire. At first I didn’t understand what I was hearing on the first few listens. I thought I was about to hear raw black metal. Yet Conjuro Nuclear is so much more than that. Some of the melodies and harmonies used are simply gorgeous. It has its sad moments but the ebs and flows of the tracks keeps everything fresh. Emesis could write two more albums with each style after this release. Have one full on black metal record and then a straight up Dark Wave alum. This is the first time I’ve heard dark wave and I’m really enjoying it.

In general I feel Emesis would be amazing for writing music for video games and or movies. He captures that perfectly creepy vibe but in an extremely genuine way. Nothing special about the production keeps a lot more variance throughout the record. 



Record Label: Independent

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