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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Magic Circle - Journey Blind

It's no secret that I was pretty darn stoked on Magic Circle's 2013 self titled debut, but I'll admit, I hadn't listened to that particular record in far too long. So their follow-up, the exciting, booty shaking, earth quaking Journey Blind comes as a particularly pleasant surprise – 7 tracks of rock and roll brilliance turned up to the max and leaving your whole body in awe of the majestic odes to everything and nothing that Magic Circle have wrought. Chock full of guitarmonies and powerful vocals, this is what rock and roll was meant to be.

As we see the genre coming back to the fore in 2015 it's bands like Magic Circle that make it so valid. The thing is – they understand what rock and roll means but they put something of a modern spin on it, keeping it engaging and entertaining. That being said – the straight Thin Lizzy worship in some of these tracks is highly appreciated. Simply put – Magic Circle know how to write a fucking rock and roll song. You find yourself falling in love with the infectious grooves that the band has been able to craft and in between occult melodies you have to genuflect at the sense of pure bliss that the band has been able to conjure up with this particular release.

Magic Circle are a magical band, invoking all that we love about an art form that looks like it is once more about to have its day in the sun. It's easy to find the sense of sublime power in tracks like A Ballad For The Vultures because Magic Circle have spent time investing raw and potent emotion into their work. This is the kind of record that critics go gaga for bcause it sounds pretty, it's engaging and it simply resonates with the rock fan in all of us. So if you too promised the gods that you would play it louder than hell, but sometimes want something a little more elegant.. well then this might just be the record of a lifetime.

Check them out online!

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  1. Really anxious to listen this record, do you know if they are streaming it somewhere? On their website they put "A Ballad for the Vultures", which is great but doesn't sound like thin lizzy! Great review.