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Monday, October 19, 2015

The Hell - Brutopia

I don't think I fully understand The Hell - I mean, I get the joke, and I think it's funny, and their latest record Brutopia sees them taking it to new levels - but these guys are great musicians too. So why do they continue this? Maybe that's why they're in a buzzing metal band and I'm not. That being said - The Hell are fucking brilliant and it's impossible not fall in love with their wonderfully ridiculous songwriting and surprisingly on point riffage. The initial cry of "We're back!" that kicks off this record is The Hell's "Victory Or Die" and sees them pushing the magic to new extremes.

Here's the thing - though The Hell pay attention to every one of the tropes in the genres they are poking fun at - they pull them off with grace. There is something inherently menacing about what this band does - as if our collective hatred for modern metal has turned upon itself and created this weird self effacing reality that we all have to deal with. What I think I'm trying to say is that The Hell make a fucked up point about our reality - and I'm frankly okay with that. After all - I've been calling for a return of skits in metal for year, so bits like the DH1 Classic Albums track are refreshing and help us see exactly how intelligent The Hell are.

Despite it all - you can tell that The Hell are true fans of the music they parody - or at least consume it voraciously. The way that they perfectly mimic Attila-esque breakdowns (And evidently call out their lead singer on I've Got Loads Of Money) is delicious. You find yourself reveling in the murk and bouncing along to the fun grooves and the sense of down tuned madness that makes their music so eerily endearing. The Hell are a heavy metal band for the modern age - strangely addictive and wonderfully fucked up... can you dig it?

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